Saturday, March 04, 2006

Opps, I thought she was a hostess!

Chosun Ilbo: "It is shameful if a key party official sexually harasses a journalist in front of witnesses. It is more shameful if the official, like Rep. Choi, previously headed a branch of the domestic and sexual violence office at the East Sea branch of the Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations. The scandal tips over into farce with the lawmaker’s innocently pleaded excuse that he did it because he “thought she was the owner” of the bar. Presumably he means it is perfectly acceptable to fondle the breasts of bar owners and that he has been doing so all his life." The cartoon show Kim Dae-jung, who was recently mocked by a conservative politician as having Alzheimer's, pointing to Choi and saying "Now there's dementia for you!" 왼쪽: 권인숙, 1986

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