Thursday, March 02, 2006

탑골공원 3.1.2006

휴일을 혼자놀기 할 수 있는 아저씨들럼, 나처럼


HEejeong said...

Hello, Alec/ I'm Heejeong(who was your student..maybe 5~6years ago.). Doyou remember me? I saw your blog address from the messenger. How is it going?
I'll visit this blog again if it is not inconvenient to you.

Alec said...

Heejeong! Of course I remember you! You were one of my favorite students. I know you're in high school now, and studying too hard. But, just two more years, and then university life should be an easier life.

I'm glad you found the website. Some things I post might not be for kids, but you have always been very mature.

Please say hi to your sister for me, and let's all meet for lunch sometime, ok? Send me an email:

Take care, and share your 만화 with Roller Girl!

Alec said...

And it was only two years ago!!!!!!!!